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Petflix is a cute, animal puzzle game with chain reactions. Cats, pandas, rabbits and frogs fill the screen with crazy pet cuteness!

Start things by flicking the pet heads below the dotted line. Aim matching animals to the tiles and free the pets inside. Be careful though, every time you flick a new animal, the tiles start moving down. Once the tiles move past the dotted line, it's game over D:


* Flick the flying animals back into the tiles to create combos.

* Reach the highest levels by creating bigger combos :D

* Combo counter restarts if you flick the animals below the dotted line.

* Freed pets fly faster as the levels go up.

Install instructions

1) Download zip file.

2) Unzip archive

3) Run "Petflix.exe"


Petflix_windows_release.zip 24 MB

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